Arma 3 Wasteland Server

MSOF Wasteland Server Update & Patching

Hey folks we are in the process of updating our server images to allow for mods. This came as an unexpected surprise but it is happening or mostly done I believe. Currently on the server the white listed mods are JSRS Sound Mod, WarFX Blast Only mod. We are trying to get Virtual Projectile Sound mod to work with no success because the validation key is bad. At this point we migrated to a new server image that accepts the mods listed above that everyone has been asking for a long time now. There may be some bugs. Bear with me we will work it out.

In saying all this I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT and a SUPER BIG THANK YOU to Soul AKA Soulkobk for letting us use his Arma server management tools and helping me get the server back online last night. He is an super awesome dude and a huge contributor to the Arma 3 Wasteland Community and I am super grateful that he helped us out. So thank you Soul from all of us at the MSOF community and hopefully we see more of you brother.


Wasteland Server Name: MSOF RULE THE WASTELAND $20,000 Dollar Starts
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MSOF Rule The Wasteland Server
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