Project Reality


Project Reality Overview

Project Reality (PR) is a modification for the retail Battlefield 2 multi-player PC game. Project Reality’s aim is to create a more realistic combat environment than standard Battlefield 2, and place a greater emphasis on teamwork and cooperation.

Most of the aspects of Battlefield 2 that have the capacity to be modified have been tweaked, or completely overhauled, to reflect their real life counterparts, for increased realism. Ballistics have for example also been audited to reflect those of real weapons, including characteristics such as damage, deviation and bullet drop depending on a weapon systems calibre.

Since EA and DICE no longer support Battlefield 2 and is no longer being played online, the Project Reality team made PR:BF2 a standalone game. No longer is a installation of Battlefield 2 required and we have implemented our own online account system for online play.

Major Features

Standalone game. No Battlefield 2 installation required.
100 player dedicated servers with up to 8 man squads.
Integrated custom VOIP system with 3D local speech.
Realistic behaviour for all aspects of the game while keeping it fun.
Heavy focus on teamwork based squad-gameplay with many new soldier classes.
Over 40 maps spanning 5 unique gamemodes.
Over 15 factions.
Many additional features such as deployable defences, thermal vision, logistics and many more
Modern warfare & insurgency but also historic battles such as Vietnam,Normandy and Falklands are featured.
Gameplay Features

Removal of Vanilla Battlefield 2 Elements:

Spawning on flags / Spawning on Squad Leaders.
User Interface reduction: Removal of several unnecessary HUD elements.
Automatic spotting of infantry and vehicles using the Q Commo Rose.
External views for all vehicles.
vBF2 commander assets: Scan,Supply & Vehicle drops.
Commander overhead “spy” camera.
Custom Game Modes:

AAS – Assault and Secure focuses the battles over a few key areas. These areas usually have very large capture radius , which means its about area control rather than flag capture. In fact flags are not visible in the game world at all. In addition to the large capture radius, many of the Control Points are set to be random, so each new round of AAS has a different flag layout, immensely increasing the re-playability of the game mode over traditional vBF2 Conquest.
Insurgency – PR’s asymmetrical game mode. Featuring unconventional forces defending weapon caches. the conventional forces have to gather intelligence and find and destroy these caches.
Skirmish – Small scale infantry mode intended to be played by the Clan community of PR. Intended for 6v6 Infantry battles.
Vehicle Warfare – Dedicated gamemode to our armoured and airborne assets.
Command & Control – A gamemode without flags where the objective is to destroy the enemy’s main Forward Operating Base before they destroy yours.
Innovative Spawn System

Project Reality has a new way to handle player respawns. There is no more spawning on flags or appearing around squad leaders like in regular Battlefield 2. Instead, the players now have the control of where they want their reinforcements to come in via deployable rally points and player built forward outposts with various build-able emplacements.
Revamp of Soldier Equipment

All soldier classes now carry realistic equipment and useful tools such as: Unarmed fighting, bayonets, entrenching Tools, long lasting Smoke Grenades, binoculars and field Dressings. Only a few classes carry a sidearm, and only pilots are equipped with a parachute.
Non-Cluttered HUD

The Heads-Up Display has been heavily tweaked, keeping with a minimalist theme that only shows you what you need to see, and allowing the mods powerful updated graphics to be the most prominent feature instead of non-essential 2D information. The following vBF2 HUD elements have been removed: Cross-hairs, Name Tags, Hit & Kill Indication, Health Bar, Ammo Bar, Infantry Minimap, Ticket Counter (now on map only). The Project Reality HUD allows you to focus on what matters.
Kit Request System

Unique to Project Reality, special powerful kits with specialized roles have now been limited and made available to squads that request them. By realistically rationing unique and powerful equipment, squads now have more realistic loadouts, and have to use them effectively if their team is to win. These kits include: Officer, Rifleman , Breacher with grappling hook, Combat Medic, Sniper, Spotter, (heavy)Anti Tank, Engineer, Anti Air, Rifleman AT, Rifleman AP, Machine Gunner, Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, Designated Marksman, Crewman, Pilot and of course, the Civilian.
Updated Commander Features

Commanders play a vital role in Project Reality as the communications hub and central command organization of the team. Commanders are expected to give squads orders and oversee the entire battle strategy of the team. They are required to command the battle using the Command Post with the new Map Marker system. Commanders can place GPS laser markers for laser guided bombs, call in various forms of Artillery, and mark waypoints and enemy assets. They also have a UAV available with conventional factions.
New Deployable Asset System

Never before seen in a realistic First Person Shooter, Project Reality has a unique building system. Squads can now deploy vital equipment and weapons on the battlefield to defend and control key areas. With the proper supplies; squads can dig foxhole defenses, deploy machine-gun nests and AA positions, make roadblocks for insurgent forces, string razor-wire and deploy forward outposts that act as a reinforcement (spawn) point for your team. The positions these are deployed at are completely up to the players discretion – this allows the players to have complete control of how the assets are used strategically, allowing players to use smart tactics to control areas of strategic importance.

Project Reality has introduced a logistics system that ensures that a team that works together can ensure that supplies, repairs and ammo are always at hand near the front line.
Close Air Support

Players can now take advantage of real modern equipment to coordinate close air support. Jets and attack helicopters across the board now use a laser designation system, allowing infantry units to designate targets for attack. In addition, squad leaders can call in air support via the commander in the form of a 2,000lb JDAM bomb.
Realistic Warfare

Everything from weapon ballistics,heavy armour movement,soldier sprint speeds,animation to aircraft missile systems is made to behave as realistic as possible in Project Reality while at the same time remain fun and engaging to the player.
Integrated VOIP Replacement

BF2’s VOIP doesn’t fit PR needs so we have our own integrated PR Mumble. This allows for in-squad communications but also for squadleaders to talk individually to each other or with the commander. It also features 3D local speech, meaning you can hear players from other squads if they are close to you.
Custom Dedicated Servers

Our servers are very different from vanilla BF2 servers and allow for up to 100 players and 8 man squads. Project Reality also doesn’t require Gamespy servers and emulates it’s own master server for servers and player accounts allowing Project Reality to be played online without Gamespy.
Single Player

Project Reality supports Single Player gaming (known as Local CO-OP), as well as promoting teamwork-based multiplayer. This is included within the main build with no add-ons.
Art Assets


Project Reality comes packed full of quality custom content, ranging from new weapons to heavy armor, all with new custom animations. Why not browse our Media section and take a look for yourself. There’s simply far too much to list here!

Project Reality comes with over 40 unique maps, based off of realworld geographical locations and imagery, and include custom statics. No vanilla BF2 maps are retained within Project Reality. To give an estimation of the size that some of Project Reality’s maps include, vanilla BF2 maps are scaled as 2km squared (4km area). Most of Project Reality’s maps are 4km squared (16km area), and some are 8km squared (64km area). This, along with less system intensive statics have allowed the team to improve the view distance to more realistic proportions and greatly improve the realism of combat within the mod. More persistent foliage statics ensures that cover actually means cover! You can see all maps here
Updated Map Screen Features

The map screen that players have access to has been tweaked drastically from BF2. The ability to “auto-spot” and track enemy units has been removed. In its place is a Contact Report system where squad leaders can call up the chain of command to the commanding officer, and have enemy units marked, deleted, and moved around at the whim of the commander. Player directional arrows have been removed and all vehicle icons have been updated to reflect the various new vehicle classes showcased in Project Reality. In addition to sending contact reports, squad leaders can more effectively communicate by placing markers for APC Transport Requests, Helicopter Transport Requests, Troop Reinforcements Requests, Resupply Requests, and Build Order Requests.

See Actual Game Play Here

New Main Menu

Completely redesigned interactive main menu for sleeker look and easier navigation, as well as new features. Online and offline training modes are available, as well as map overview previews, before you join a server.

Released Factions:

United States Marine Corps
Peoples Liberation Army
Middle East Coalition
British Army
Russian Forces
United States Army
Canadian Forces
Israeli Defense Force
Syrian Rebels
German Forces
Iraqi Insurgents
Dutch Forces
French Forces
African Resistance Fighters
Vietnam Era USA,USMC and NVA Forces
WIP PR Community Factions:

Polish Forces
Norwegian Forces
Finish Forces
Syrian Armed Forces
World War 2 USA & German Forces
Falkands British and Argentinian Forces

For extra information and more in-depth lists and change logs, please refer to the Project Reality: BF2 Player Manual and the community forums.