MSOF Server Back Up

MSOF BF4 Server is Back Up.

Hey folks just a note to let everyone know that our server is back up. We apologize for any inconvenience it may of caused anyone who enjoys playing Battlefield4 on our server. To keep the explanation simple of why our server went down. Well our hosting provider took it upon themselves to shut down our server because they were rebuilding their E-commerce platform. They also did this without any explanation or preliminary notice to us? All I can say is


They were unable to process any credit cards till a couple of days ago… This is the first major screw up they had with us and it would be an extreme pain to move to a new hosting company. Jonsey AKA “CAJONES” would of had to reprogrammed all server plugins into the server and that would of sucked. So as of 6/17/2015 we were finally able to process payment and get systems back in order. Hopefully there are no additional surprises.

Big Thank You for everyone’s patience .