Auto Run Zombie Running

We have a bug due to the auto run scripts that randomly happens. I am not sure what triggers it if it is explosions or what. I know I am wearing the explosive resistant vest and maybe Arma does not know what to do with the impact because of the vest. The bug is so random and it give the appearance of a hack because your guy gets up on his own and keeps running automatically, though he is actually dead as the video shows. The additional anomaly is that you can still control his direction only by mouse movement because he is in auto run mode. Auto run mode gives your player hands free running and the ability to run up and down hills.

You have to press the space bar to kill the action because the player is in this zombie running mode. Yesterday a new bug surfaced were the player got hit by a rocket / explosion he got up started running then got hit by two more rockets and ended up floating like in parachute mode an inch above the ground. Nothing worked after that so i had to disconnect from the game and come back in. I have not figured it out yet.  These video samples are running completely vanilla Arma, no external mods or god mode. It is just the server side scripts that run on the server that everyone is playing with.

Killed By Gunfire

Killed by bullets seems to work fine so i am thinking the bomb resistant vest has something to do with it.




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