Battle Report


MSOF Battle Report


Date: 5/08/2015
14 on 14 Scrimmage Match with UB “United Brotherhood” Gaming Clan
Maps Played:

  • Rush – Propaganda “Winner was  UB”
  • Conquest Small –  Zavod  “Winner was  UB”
  • Team Death Match – Hainan Resort “Winner was  UB”


Battle Summary

UB had a decisive win over MSOF… The UB team came to play and worked well together as a team. MSOF had late player arriving to the scrimmage due to work conflicts and some technical issues getting going caused by Origin not loading properly. MSOF players were not all present at the beginning of the match and UB was fair to match player counts. Thanks to the UB guys for hosting the scrimmage it was fun. We look forward to playing them again. Extreme downer  “due to sound conflicts… like it cutting out completely and origin crashing…. I didn’t get to record video of the match.