Arma3 Wasteland MSOF Monday Mow Down

Get your week started off right and come play Arma 3 Wasteland with the MSOF Crew. Go lone wolf or get your team together for some great combined arms PVP TVT action. Join us at “A3 Wasteland – Super loot – Duel Primary Weapons – Stratis” Everyone is welcome to play. [ Server IP ] Discord:


These Rules apply for ANY MSOF server or game: • ALWAYS respect other players and the server admins! • Admin/Mod decisions are final, respect that! • If you are glitching/hacking/being abusive you will be slain, kicked, and banned by an admin! Arma 3 Wasteland server specific rules: • No intentional teamkilling if you are on Blufor or Opfor! • No team-switching to gain an advantage on other players! • Admins or Moderators may unlock you depending on the situation! • Admins or Moderators may refund your money lost depending on the situation! Arma 3 Wasteland server optional admin rules: The following rules are admin optional for the period between server restarts! — possible temp ban if rule not followed! • Admin’s Call Rule – Mortars can be called unusable by an admin if there is excessive usage by a player(s) or group! • Admin’s Call Rule – An admin can call the 3 jet rule if there is excessive use of jets by one team/side! It allows for only 3 jets per team to be in the air at one time! • Admin’s Call If there is a limited amount of people on the server then drones are not allowed. • Server restarts every 12 hours twice a day BANNABLE OFFENSES on MSOF servers: • Hacking (PERM – NO EXCEPTIONS) • Exploiting map bugs/glitches (temp or PERM) • Intentional Teamkilling (temp or PERM) • Trolling our servers (temp) • Disrupting the server / Being an Asshat (temp) The base list of mods that are allowed in-game can be found below JSRS SOUND MOD ARMAFXP. No Hack mods allowed you will be banned.

What is MSOF Arma 3 Wasteland?

MSOF’s Arma 3 Wasteland is a custom survival sandbox mission for Arma 3 where two teams and independent players fight for survival to gain control of the map and its resources. The mission play is persistent meaning the war rages on constantly on the Stratis peninsula in the Arma world. The map is 100% vanilla, which means no mods or DLC are required to play. The original baseline work for Wasteland is credited to Sa-Matara,s Wasteland & A3 Wasteland The MSOF’s version of Stratis Wasteland is completely custom with the only surprises you will find on the MSOF server. The MSOF version of Wasteland has been updated for additional custom Main & Side mission assets, advanced arms handling, and movement capabilities that were only found previously with mods only. Join on in and check it out. Get your team together and come rule the Wasteland. For more information visit Join our Facebook Group at Find us on Reddit at Watch Us On Youtube