Arma3 Spawn On Squad Leader and Rally Point Spawn Script

Spawn On Squad Leader

Here is the code for creating a spawn point which will update its location frequently to the position of the squad leader, for a spawn on squad leader like mechanic.

Code Scenario 1

  1. Create Player and in the variable name field of the player name the payer: squadlead
  2. Create a standard spawn point marker with variable name: respawn_west
  3.  in mission multiplayer setting change respawn type to:  respawn on custom position with a 10 sec delay

In your mission folder create init.sqf or copy the code below into your init.sqf.


execVM “respawnmkr.sqf”;

Create a respawn.sqf file and paste the code in that file into your mission folder as well


while {true} do { “respawn_west” setmarkerpos getpos squadlead; sleep 30; };

Create A Rally Point

Then in the second line of code shown below is a stand alone script that creates a rally point system where the squad leader has an action option to move the spawn point to their current location when they please.

To create a moving rally point on your squad leader simple paste the code below into the squadlead players init field. Please note you do not the respawn.sqf or the init code shown above so delete that.


this addAction [“Set Rally”, { “respawn_west” setmarkerpos getpos squadlead }];