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MSOF's Server Admins for ARMA3

Pronounced B_A H L A K I E Blake is one of MSOF's Server Admins for ARMA3.


ARMA3 Server Mission Editor

Somtimes known as El Gato Loco The Kitten maintains updates and patches all of the ARMA3 Missions on the MSOF Server.


El Moisto


New Member


New Member

International Player from the South "Honduras"


Sr. Member

Charlie is always rallying the troops and is a Senior Team Player at MSOF. Get ready to communicate when playing with Charlie.


Sr. Member

Seoullis also known as The Parking Lot Killer no filler and all thriller. He is here to kill the people.


New Member


Jr/ Senior Member

Loweboy21 sometimes called Loverboy is the 300+ ping killer....Look for him intermittent on your screen.


Founding MSOF Member / Website & Server Admin

It's Antman Baby and he is killinz all da peoples.....

 Plays Battlefield4 & Warface

  • Battlefield4 In Game Name: Antman2o10
  • Warface In Game Name: Antman2010


Founding MSOF Member / Complaint Department


Founding MSOF Member/ Server Admin

Lord Vader 79

Friendly Neighborhood Vader

This dude is not in our team... He just shows up to talk smack and play so why not!


Senior Member

Plays Battlefield4 and Warface

  • Battlefied4 In Game Name: TalonFeld1
  • Warface In Game Name: TalonFeld1


Old School Player

Testacleeeese sometimes known as Whiskey Tango Foxtrot or Gene Vandenham mostly lone wolf player but we likes the way he kills the people.... Old School Battlefield player.

Plays ARMA3, Battlefield 4 & Warface

  • Current ARMA3 In Game Name:  WTF or Gene Vandenha
  • Current Battlefield 4 In Game Name:  Testeeeecleeeese
  • Current Warface In Game Name:  Testeeeecleeeese


Game Server Admin


New Member / Project Reality Team Leader

Problem Pete

New Member

The dude just came on one day and started killing the people..... Watch out when he is carrying his sniper rifle he is using those $59.95 Battlefiled enhancement technologies." The Ultimate Jones Package"


JR. Member

Also known as Typical Holy, Corrupt Holy, Holy Moly, Holy Cow, Holy Smokes, Galactic Holy, Capt Chip. He so holy he likes to kill you long time.

Plays Battlefield 4 & Warface

  • Current Battlefield 4 In Game Name:  Typical Holy
  • Current Warface In Game Name: Captain.Waffle

Zues 2000

Jr. Sr Member

Zues 2000 is a force to be dealt with he takes full advantage of $49.95

Plays Battlefield 4 & Warface

  • Current Battlefield 4 In Game Name: Zues2000
  • Current Warface In Game Name:MoarteaVine