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I make my game Run with what i got 100%

My pc old. but fast.

1st gen i7 930 was 920 befor soon to be 6 core…. 🙂 O ya.


c300 ssd.

in 700d

water cooled. Here
My pc older with 480gtx.

1st pc age 5. upgreaded own age 10. build my own…. 16-17. overclocked . age 17-End of my days.

My cpu was 329. next up was like 550. Best $1200 for 3.2 ghz

i hit 4 ghz 1st day i had it. from 2.8ghz.

So want pc to play games fast. I can help.

I will look up if i dont know you current hardware. BUt i soon can find out. Some motherboards, or i like to call the insides, connect to cant overclock.
Or you cant overclock cpu. or gpu. or ram. BUT makeing it all work . and @ safe level. for free, over a 700+ part. PRICELESS.

My old pc. November 2008 cpu made sell.
9 November 2010 My gpu.

its 2015. My pc is still Good.

granted, My pc it not like yours, but did this on a $80 cpu cooler.

Now my setup is old but shit bf4 60-120 fps. Not bad. not bad @ all.

My setting, bottom up . 3 off 3 max 3 off 2 max. that’s it. other few setting. Like gpu stuff, cpu core parking. powersavers…