MSOF Scrim Match United Brotherhood VS MSOF



From 8:00 PM CST until 10:PM CST

Antman 2o1o and Agent Orange


United Brotherhood Vs MSOF 

3 game match best out of three. If one team wins the first two matches in a row, they have the option to play the third. Third is a tie breaker scenario only.
Game modes include:

  • Conquest Small: Maps "TBD"
  • Team Death Match "TBD"
  • TBD

United Brotherhood Website:

Look who's playing: Antman2010, zues2000, cajones1, ProblemPete, Scrode, Currrupt_holy101, Talon, uNKnownTanker, Marco Pineda, Loweboy

There are 22 places available.

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